How to screen record on iPhone 13

With the introduction of iOS 14, Apple introduced a new feature in iPhones for recording the on-screen activity. There is no need to install third-party apps, full of ads or with a cost. Screen record on iPhone 13 and other models sporting iOS 14 and higher, integrates as a part of the OS providing a smooth user experience in the process. Let us learn a quick tip about how to screen record on iPhone 13, this is also applicable to other models with iOS 14 or higher.

How to screen record on iphone 13

Pre-requisite to screen record on iPhone 13

Although screen record is a part of your phone, there is no separate application for it. You need to enable it to use. First, check if screen recording is already available and enabled on your iPhone. If you are using an iPhone running on iOS 14 and above then it should have screen recording. Follow the simple steps to enable access to screen recording from Control Center.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Control Center, where you can manage the apps you want to see on the control center.
  3. Check the section Included Controls, if you have Screen Recording
  4. If you do not find it here, scroll down for More Controls
  5. Select Screen Recording by pressing the little green + beside it
  6. Close the Settings page
  7. From the Home screen press the Assistive Touch button and choose Control Center
  8. You should now see the Screen Recording button at the last row of the screen
iphone control center settings
iphone control center

How to screen record on iPhone 13, iPhone 12 and older running on iOS 14

Once you have Screen Recording added to Control Center you can access it directly from the Home Screen.

  1. Swipe down from the top right side of your iPhone to open the Control Center. Or, press the Assistive Touch button to open the menu and select Control Center.
control center
Swipe down from top right
iphone control center
Control Center

2. Press the Screen Recording button which looks like a circle with a dot inside.

It will give you 3 seconds and the recording will start. Once screen recording is in progress you will see a Red Dot at the top left side of the screen. Once you are done you can stop recording by touching the Red dot.

To take a screenshot Read: How to screenshot on iPhone 13

Screen recording with audio

To enable voiceover while recording you need to turn on the microphone. Long press the Screen Recording button on the Control Center while you are starting to record. You will get the option for Microphone, by default it will be Off. Touch the icon and it will turn Red indicating the Microphone is ON.

You also get additional options to choose individual apps like Google Meet, Photo, etc. which you can select to record while using it.

how to screen record on iphone with audio
Screen record with audio

Pro Tips: Everything including notifications will also be recorded. Turn off notification or put yourself on Do Not Disturb mode. You can also customize a new Focus mode for Recording.

Where does the recording gets saved?

All the screen recordings are saved in your Photo Album under the media type Screen Recording. You can easily access them in your Recents folder.

iphone Photo albums
Photos > Albums

How can you edit the screen recording video?

There are many video editing apps available both paid and free. The best App you can use to edit your iPhone videos is using an Apple app called iMovie. By default the application is installed on your iPhone, however, if you do not have it or had deleted it earlier then you can reinstall it from the App Store for free.

iMovie is a very simple and user-friendly App to edit your video. Open the app and select the video you want to edit. Use tools like Split, Detach, Duplicate, Add text, slow down or speed up the video, and many more.

Synopsis of how to screen record on iPhone 13

As an iPhone user ability to record screen with a built-in app is a great feature to have. If you are using a third-party app to do the same then you can seriously give this a try. Even editing and adding voice or music to your video is easy by using native apps like iMovie.

Technofrugal will bring you more such quick and easy hacks for your iPhone. Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions, if you find this article on how to screen record on iPhone 13 has helped you.

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