How to screenshot on iPhone 13

Capturing a screen quickly is a great and useful skill to have. This short article on how to screenshot on iPhone 13, but it would work for other models too, will guide you like a pro.

how to screenshot on iphone 13
iPhone Screenshot

Why screenshot is an essential feature?

Suppose you are in an online class and you need to capture important notes or diagrams which your teacher is sharing. If you do not know a shortcut or the easiest way to capture the screen you may miss the important sharing. Also, there might have been an occasion you want to share a snippet of chat with someone else or a piece of information, capturing a screenshot is the easiest way.

iPhone also allows you to copy texts and numbers from a photo, so it is easier to just take a screenshot of something on-screen including phone numbers, and later copy the number or text. Or simply select the phone number and call directly.

The best way to capture screenshot on iPhone

The quickest way to screenshot on iPhone using the external buttons on the phone.

Depending on the iPhone model you are using, by pressing the volume and side button (button used to lock or switch on or off your phone) at the same time.

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How to screenshot on iPhone 13, 12, 11 and X/XR

If you are using the iPhone X series or later then the buttons are available on either side of your phone.

  • Press the volume up and side button together. It might be difficult at first to press them at the same time.
  • Release both the button at the same time.
  • You will hear a click sound (if you have sounds enabled) and also the screenshot will get saved in your Photos app. You can also see a small preview of the screenshot you have taken on-screen to confirm it is successful.
How to screenshot on iphone 12

iPhone 8 or 7

If you are using iPhone 8 or 7 then the button combinations are Home and side button.

How to screenshot on iphone 8

Older Models

For older models, although they are almost obsolete, if you still are using one, then the side button is not on the side but it is on top. Press the top button and Home.

How to screenshot on iphone 6
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Alternate ways on how to screenshot on iPhone 13 and iPhone 12, iPhone 11, iPhone X and XR

Not happy or find it difficult to press the buttons together? Or, simply you want to try other cool methods? Do not worry we have other options for you.

1. Using the Assistive Touch

  1. Press the Assistive touch button.
  2. Go to Device.
  3. Select the three dots for More.
  4. Now choose the Screenshot icon.
how to screenshot on iphone 11
Select Device
how to screenshot on iphone 12
Select More
screenshot on iphone 12

Ask Siri “How to screenshot on iPhone 13”

When you are driving or you are unable to use your hands use Siri and capture the screenshot at the exact moment.

Say – “Hey Siri, take a screenshot” or “Hi Siri, capture screenshot”

2. Configuring other shortcuts like double tap

This is another convenient method of capturing screenshots while holding the phone and without pressing the buttons.

  1. First, go to Settings
  2. Then select Accessibility and Touch
  3. Scroll down to the last option Back Tap
  4. Select Doube Tap or Triple Tap if you want
  5. Choose the action you want, for now we select Screenshot
  6. You are Done!
how to take screenshot on iphone 12
how to take a screenshot on iphone 11

How to screenshot on iPad

If you know how to screenshot on your iPhone, then it becomes simple for the iPad too. Different iPad models have buttons located in different places. In some models, the volume button is at the side and sometimes at the top.

Also, the side button is located at the top of the iPad, or they may have the round Home button. You can still find the Home button even in some of the latest models of iPad.

  • Press the top button and the volume up button together
  • Or, Press the Home button and the volume up button at the same time.
  • Rest of the process same as iPhone. The image gets saved in your Photo Album.

Editing the Screenshot

After you take a screenshot, you can edit it directly if you click on the preview which just popped up on stays as a momentary thumbnail at the bottom left hand of the screen.

  • You will get the onscreen edit tools like pen, marker, highlighter, ruler, eraser, and color pallet. 
  • Edit your screenshot or add more notes or highlight if you like.
  • Delete if you do not want to save it.
  • By default, the screenshot you take gets saved in your Photo Album.
  • All your screenshots are also stored in a separate folder called Screenshots in your Albums.

Synopsis on how to screenshot on iPhone 13

If you are an iPhone user then you might have had the need to take a screenshot. Using the side button and up the volume, the button is the easiest and default option for all the latest iPhone X onwards. However, if you have issues using the buttons then there are other options also available.

Technofrugal will bring you more such quick and easy hacks for your iPhone. Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions.

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