How to show battery percentage on iPhone 12 and other models

How to show battery percentage on iPhone 12 is hard to find, don’t be surprised if I tell you there are four simpler ways to show battery percentage on iPhone.

how to show battery percentage on iphone 12

A couple of iOS upgrades back, it was easy to display battery percentage on your iPhone screen, rather it was shown as default. With the iOS 13 upgrade, this changed, and only the battery icon is shown on the top right side of your iPhone. You will have to guess what is the exact percentage and often struggle to find it out. 

Often people complain that their phone is not showing the battery percentage, but they do not do anything about it. For them, the only time you can see the percentage of battery left is when you connect your phone to a charger. But do not worry, I will show you not one, but four different ways, how to show battery percentage on iPhone 12 or any other model, provided it is running the latest version of iOS 15.

1. Ask Siri, “how to show battery percentage on iPhone 12?”

Our first solution is hand’s free. Yes, it is that simple, ask Siri, “What is my battery percentage”; or “Battery remaining”? Siri will answer you in detail.

2. Control Center

The easiest way without changing any settings on your iPhone is by going into Control Center. There are 2-3 different ways to go to Control Center. 

  1. Using the Assistive touch button (the on-screen soft home button) to access the control center
  2. Swipe down from the top right side of your iPhone home screen.
to get control center
Swipe down from top right
show battery percentage on iPhone 12
Battery Percentage on the top right-hand side

The battery percentage is on the top right-hand side of this screen (see screenshot).

3. Use Widgets to show battery percentage

Widgets are an amazing new feature with iOS 15, you can customize your Home screen with this. You can also add various widgets like a battery to show you the percentage on the home screen.

Step by step guide to add the Widget for battery
  1. Long press the screen (any empty part of the screen)
  2. The icons will start shaking and you will be able to see the + sign on the top left-hand side of your iPhone screen.
  3. Click on +
  4. You will see a search screen with some Widgets shown below
  5. Search for Battery or you can scroll down to look for a battery widget
  6. On selecting Battery you will see three different widget types. A smaller square-shaped one, a rectangular taking up the entire width of the screen, and one larger one.
  7. I liked the smaller one, so I select it and clicked the green button Add Widget
  8. Lo! Your battery widget with percentage battery is right on the home screen
add widget to show battery percentage on iphone 13
Long press the screen and select +
search battery widget
Search for Batteries
Chooser display type
Chooser display type
show battery percentage on iPhone 12
Add Widget on screen

Expert tip: Keep all your widgets on a single page on your iPhone. This makes the home screen simple and free of clutter. Add other useful widgets like Calendar, Clock, Weather, Photos, and other apps you use often, all in one page. As widgets have larger fonts it is easy on your eyes and makes a great accessibility feature.

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3. Battery apps (Not recommended)

There are many 3rd party battery apps available that not only show you the battery percentage but many other things. To be honest, these apps only consume your battery, so better to stay away from as many apps as possible. Use the above tips to show battery percentage on iPhone 12 or any other model phone that you have. 

Summary on how to show battery percentage on iPhone 12

To keep your iPhone header banner clutter-free, the battery percentage is not shown anymore after the latest iOS upgrades. Given the utility of this feature, it is important to find an easy way to see this useful piece of information. Our recommendation is to use the super cool widgets which were introduced with the latest iOS upgrade.

Do leave your comments below if you find this helpful or if you have more tips to share.

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