The Complete Guide to Print To Pdf iPhone for 2022

Did you know that Apple has an inbuilt app to print to PDF on iPhone? Convert any type of document to PDF easily on iPhone with these tips.

Print to PDF iPhone
Print to PDF
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What is PDF?

Portable Document Format or PDF, is a standard that carries the formatting and images true to how it appears in the original document. It is independent of which application, Operating System, or device you use to view the document. It would appear the same. The ability to save a document to PDF comes in very handy all the time.

What is Print to PDF iPhone?

There are many features in the iPhone that we are yet unaware of. With these features on iPhone can do tasks without having to install separate apps. You do not have to purchase apps that can be costly and compromise security. Today I am going to explain simple tasks like print to pdf on iPhone, where you can convert any document or webpage to pdf. Also, I am going to tell you how to scan any document using iPhone and save it to pdf.

Print to PDF is not about the Print part but, it is more about the PDF part. Confused? Let me make it simpler. When we attempt to print to pdf, we are not printing anything rather saving the document in PDF format. You do not get a paper format of the document, instead, you get a digital version of how the document will be like if printed on paper, with exact formatting and pictures.

How to print to PDF on iPhone?

Many apps offer an inbuilt feature to save as PDF. You have apps like Photos, Mail, Notes, and Numbers on your iPhone or iPad. Any app which supports AirPrint will have the ability to save as PDF.

It can get tricky to find the best and easiest way to print to pdf on iPhone because the feature is somewhat hidden. I have broken this down into three ways depending upon the App you are using and which option you are comfortable with. These are the ‘Share’ button, the three dots, and the reply arrow for Mail. This will cover all internal and external iPhone apps.

The ‘Share’ Share button button

The ‘Share’ button is located at the bottom of the Safari and other App’s screens. Select the Share button followed by the Print option to save the webpage as a PDF.

  • Open the Webpage or App page which you want to print.
  • Select the Share Share button button, located at the bottom of the screen.
  • Choose the Print print icon option, you may have to scroll down a little.
  • If there are multiple pages, you can select which ones to print or select Print to print all pages.
  • You will then get the save option. You can select ‘Save to Files’, which will take you to your device or iCloud option to save the file. Select the preferred location and save your PDF.
  • You may also choose to send the PDF to anyone on email by selecting the Mail icon.
Save webpage as PDF video

Print from Mail using mail reply

On Apps like Mail, the option to print to pdf is available when you select the mail replybutton at the bottom of the page.

After clicking on mail replyyou will get many options like Reply, Reply to All, Forward. Scroll down to find the print iconPrint option.

If you have a physical printer connected to your device you will get that as the default selection to print to. However, you can choose to save it locally as a PDF by selecting iCloud Drive or on your device. You may also choose to email it to yourself and a PDF copy will be mailed to you.

Another way is to use the 3D Touch feature. Press and hold the preview to expand and touch it again to make the pane fill the entire screen. Save the PDF copy on your device or iCloud or, you may choose to email it. If you do not have any printer attached to your device then simply printing it will automatically save a PDF copy.

Bonus! How to scan using your iPhone

If you have recently installed any 3rd party app to scan on your iPhone. Then let me tell you, delete the app which costs you a subscription, and if it is free then ridden with pesky ads. Because iPhone has a feature that will let you scan anything, from utility bills to your school and college assignments.

Use the Notes app on your iPhone to scan any document.

  • Open a new Notes page.
  • At the bottom of the page, you will see a camera icon. Select it.
  • You will get three options, Choose Photo or Video, Take Photo or Video, and Scan Documents.
  • Select Scan Documents and it will open the camera app. The interface will be different that will scan the document you are pointing the camera to and will automatically resize it from the edges.
  • The output will be a clean scanned PDF document.
  • You can then save the document on your device or iCloud or share it on email.
Scan using iPhone


iPhone has several inbuilt features that will both save you cost as well as it is secure and free from pesky ads. You can save a webpage, Photo, document as a PDF easily. You can also scan any physical documents and save them to PDF.

Do let us know if you find this helpful by entering your valuable feedback in the comments section.

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