Hostinger Review: We Analysed 10 Bloggers And Here’s What We Found

Hostinger is one of the fastest-growing Web Hosting companies in Europe and the World. I am using it for my own blog and I find it extremely fast and reliable. We analyzed 10 bloggers who review Hostinger for you.

Choosing the right platform to host your precious blog or website sometimes can be a time-consuming process. We will try to make it easier for you to decide. So do not sweat over this process and read this article.

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A Brief History of Hostinger

Hostinger was founded in 2004 and was earlier known as Hosting media before it was rebranded as Hostinger in 2011. It was created to provide FREE hosting services worldwide. 

By 2012 the company was already growing rapidly with new data centers in different parts of the World. By 2014 local services were launched in 39 countries. Today it has 41 offices around the world.

Some may call it Hostzinger, which is incorrectly spelled.

Why Hostinger? Top reasons

Hostinger offers a wide range of services, from Email Hosting, Shared hosting to Cloud Hosting and VPS Hosting. 

Some facts

  • Over 29 million people use Hostinger globally. 
  • With 15000 users signing up for its services daily
  • One of the most cost-efficient web hosting options available today
  • One of the best customer service and support
  • Build Fast and efficient websites
  • Easy to use UI

The Pricing

The entry-level single shared hosting plan, for $1.99/month from Hostinger came with everything like SSL, email id, 100 GB bandwidth, and 2 databases, plus a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Except for the domain name. If you already have a domain name or you are getting cheaper options from sites like GoDaddy then this is fine.

If you have not registered a domain then going for a Premium plan will be most suitable at $2.99/month. Apart from the domain you also get premium features like UNLIMITED bandwidth, 100 email accounts, 100 subdomain and parked domains, and other features which can handle bigger traffic.

You can also go for the Business plan in Shared hosting for $4.99/month only. With this plan you get better storage, 200GB compared with 100GB with Premium and 30GB with Single. You also get higher RAM in Business and 2 CPU cores which make your website faster and can handle higher queries. This is best suited if you have a blog with more than a year old and gets decent traffic.

See the price comparison of Shared hosting with Hostinger. Updated on 30th May 2022.

Shared hosting – Hostinger

Then there are better plans like Cloud hosting and VPS hosting which are much faster and a whole new topic for discussion.

Cloud Hosting – Hostinger
VPS hosting – Hostinger

Technofrugal reviews Hostinger for you

I was trying to start my first blog and I had very little knowledge about the web hosting services available. I wanted my blog/website to be fast, available, and have excellent support available from the provider. Being new I also did not want to go overboard and spend a lot initially. I tried searching for various options like BlueHost, available in the market. But settled down with Hostinger for the below reasons.


I went for the single-user plan for $1.39/month from Hostinger. However there is a catch to it, you would have to pay for 48 months to get that rate. I actually paid $35.88 for one year. This kind of marketing is done by all the web-hosting companies which I have seen so far so I won’t say it was misleading.

The actual cost

I got all the essentials I needed like SSL, email id, good bandwidth, 2 databases, plus 99.9% uptime guarantee. The only thing not included was the domain name, since I had already purchased it from GoDaddy it did not matter.


The load time of my website is superfast. This is an important step in search engine optimization (SEO) which lets your site rank higher on Google. It is equally important for the best customer experience. The mobile speed is a little slow but that may depend on many factors like the telecom network and if it is a 4G or 5G connection. You can see the result in the SEO analyzer which I generated today.

The Setup

Hostinger integrates seamlessly with WordPress, it made my first blog setup a breeze. It was simple and easy. You do not need to have knowledge of HTML or CSS to build your website.

Uptime Guarantee

With a 99.9% uptime guarantee, it is the best in class. For a personal website or blog, this is a decent number. But if it is a business site maybe upgrade to VPS hosting which has no downtime.

SSD Storage with all plans

All plans have SSD storage. The personal or the basic one starts with 30GB of SSD storage. With Premium, you get 100GB, and Business plan you get 200GB.


I have never had to use the support. However, it claims 24/7 live support via chat. Phone support is lacking which might be useful for some heavy users.

Free Website builder

To be honest I used WordPress and not the one from Hostinger. You may try it if you like.

30 days Moneyback guarantee

If you are not happy or 100% satisfied with Hostinger you still have a chance to revert and get your money back, no questions asked. There are some terms and conditions to it of course. It is important to note, that if you have paid using cryptocurrency or a digital wallet then it may not be possible for a refund. Also, products like Domain name renewals, Redemption fees, Privacy protection, SEO Toolkit, and Google workspace email are not eligible for a refund. Do read the refund policy for clarity.

What other users have to say?

This user was looking for an affordable and quality hosting provider. “After comparing some reviews, I decided to choose hostinger. And without any regrets.”

Another user says, “I was looking for a reliable and inexpensive hosting service. I found Hostinger”. Further adds, “Their support team was very helpful and quick to answer all my questions and concerns.” Also, “I also found their UI very user friendly”.

“Great purchase and Support team!” another quality feedback from a user. Says, “I purchased a subscription and received a free domain along with a lot of help getting it up and going along with moving over my other domain.”

Hostinger reviews

Conclusion or Verdict

I want to be super honest here. If you are looking for a cheap and best web hosting solution for your personal blog or website then Hostinger is the choice. You can settle for the single user plan, and go for 48 months which will be the cheapest. If you are not sure if your blog is going to survive the test of time then select 12 months.

If you have a business site then do not choose shared hosting, go for VPS or Cloud hosting which are more robust and give higher availability, especially VPS which is 100% available. All the plans are available with Hostinger. If you want you can compare it with Bluehost which is another good service provider.

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